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b. 1985 London. Lives and works in Glasgow


2024 Holly White: Videos, David Dale, Glasgow (Upcoming)
2022 Airship Wilderness, Well Projects, Margate
2021 Leaving Biosphere 2, CCA Annex, Glasgow
2020 Weeds, Luna Elaine, London
2019 Fizzys the Sequel, with Morag Kiel, Haus zur Liebe, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
2018 Being together, Almanac, Turin
2018 Close Personal Friends, with Martin Kohout, Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney
2018 your love. our experience., with Fleur Melbourn, L'Ov, CAN, Neuchatel
2017 Orange World, Cordova, Barcelona
2016 I need your love is that true, Jupiter Woods, London
2015 I’m always lazy when I miss you, Andor, London
2014 No one is going to go there anymore, Evelyn Yard, London
2013 Ocean Living, with Megan Rooney, Arcadia Missa, London
2011 Set Menu, with Hania Stella Sawicka, Copenhagen Place, London
2011 The New Deal, Limazulu, London


2024 Loose Tomatoes in the Front Yard, Rumpus Room, Glasgow International, Glasgow
2024 Areas Of Effect: Planar Systems, Critical Roles, and Gaming Imaginaries, Arebyte Gallery, London
2021 Indice Ultraviolet: Décalage vers le rouge, CAN, Neuchatel
2021 Wired Women, NEoN Digital Arts Festival, Dundee
2020 Myco TV, Mostyn, Wales
2019 Scenes of the Crimes, Georg Kargl, Vienna
2019 What’s Love Got To Do With Teleportation?, Montez Press Radio, London
2019 Witching Hour, Titanik, Turku, Finland
2018 Are Teenage Dreams So Hard to Beat?, The Travelling Gallery, Edinburgh
2017 Real Estate, Tate Britain, London
2017 Sick Time is Resist Time, Raven Row, London
2017 Feral Kin, Auto Italia, London
2016 Miracle Marathon, Serpentine Galleries, London
2016 Project 1049, Gstaad, Switzerland
2016 Curators' Series #9. Ways of Living, David Roberts Art Foundation, London
2016 Longshort Drift, Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki
2016 Is this living?, The Approach, London
2015 Serpentine Galleries Transformation Marathon Radio, Serpentine Galleries online
2015 Poems 1990-2001, SALTS, Basel
2015 HPSCHD 1969>2015, MAMbo, Bologna
2015 Our House in the Middle of Your Street, Life Gallery, Vilma Gold, London
2015, Serpentine Galleries, online
2014 u always know the right thing to say, as Goth Tech, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh
2014 PurLove by Arcadia Missa, Tank.TV, online
2013 First Biennale Online, representing the UK, online
2013 Young London 2013, V22, London
2013 YouScreen IScreen Unscreen Sunscreen, Library+, London
2013 Lunch Bytes Platform commission, online
2012 Overtime!! Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh
2012 Net Narrative, Carlos Ishikawa, London
2012 Trade Gallery website Takeover, with, online
2009 Leisure Teens: A Romance, Studio One, London
2009 Our Friendship Has Great Potential, Acquire Arts, London


2021 Playground Residency, Rumpus Room, Glasgow
2019 An evening at the Eustace Miles Restaurant, in collaboration with Elsa Richardson, CCA, Glasgow
2018 CCA Creative Lab Residency, CCA Glasgow
2018 Hospitalfield House children's procession commission, Arbroath
2017 Rhizome Microgrant Awardee
2016 This time with FEELing, Artist Residency, Space Gallery @ The White Building, London
2015 Artist Residency, Hospitalfield Arts, Arbroath, Scotland
2015 We Were// We Are// We Will, Out of the Ordinary Places, Iwade, Kent


2021 Leaving Biosphere 2, Edited by Naomi Pearce and Holly White
2020 Eating for You, A recipe zine, recipes collected by Holly White
2017 Readers Digestion, A Health Zine, Edited by Holly White and Caspar Heinemann, printed with the support of Auto Italia and Raven Row
2016 Recipes for you: A vegan and gluten free recipe and story book with additional life skills, by Holly White, published by Arcadia Missa
2016 Green Flash 2016, by Holly White, printed with support from Space Gallery, London
2015 The DIY Spa Ebook by Holly White
2013 Ocean Living, Holly White and Megan Rooney, published by Arcadia Missa
2013 Just In Case You Care, printed with support from V22 London


2018 Holly White’s Orange World, by Lizzie Homersham, Art Agenda, January 2018
2016 Teenage Dreams, by Rosanna Mclaughlin, Frieze November/December
2016 Holly White: Fast Food and Feelings, Interview, by Emily Steer, Elephant Magazine, Summer
2015 Life Gallery Vilma Gold review, Flash Art, May
2015 Don’t Split – Holly White’s Supermarket Cafe 2 Video,, January
2014 Our ten favourite Digifeminist artists, by Steph Kretowicz, DazedDigital, February
2013 Goth Tech, by Felix Petty, Tank Magazine,Volume 7 Issue 8
2012 Net Narrative review, by Isobel Harbison, Frieze Magazine, Issue 151
2012 Commission, with LuckyPDF, Dazed and Confused magazine, April