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A version of this was made as an online commission for lunch-bytes.com, November 2013

Jelly shots/trance/cava/name on a rice etc no big deal, bring drinks.. ;) ? Look for balloons and fountains, Holly

There was this time when I was working at this psytrance festival. I was sort of alone so mostly I hung out with these two people I met who were planning on selling jelly shots. But we didn't really sell many and we just ate them ourselves all week. They made the jelly shots in plastic bags that were for making ice cubes. They were green and melted and people were supposed to pay a pound and then suck the jelly shot out of a hole in the corner of the ice cube bag. We ate so many and it all got so sticky. By the time you got to the last jelly shot of the bag it was melted to liquid and the corner of the bag that you sucked from always got really ragged and soaked with spit.

Wtf rinsed tesco of vegetarian jelly wheat free pasta oatcakes?
twitter, 3rd October

Holly x